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Pro bono work and service to the community

Our commitment to the success of our business encompasses the ongoing success of our clients and the personal development of our staff. The cornerstones of this success are education, training, committed work ethic and motivation to pursue and achieve our goals. We use our skills and abilities in the pursuit of excellence in our profession.

At the same time, as an active business, we must acknowledge our responsibilities to the community in which we work. To this end, we empower and encourage our staff, from director level down, to contribute back to the community by doing pro bono work.

Pro bono Work

Through our Pro Bono Manager, we are able to commit our skills and expertise to the charitable and not-for-profit sector. Depending on the circumstances of the clients in that sector, we offer our full range of services to those clients on a discounted or no-charge basis.

In some select and appropriate circumstances, we will consider offering pro bono services to individuals.

Clients in the charitable and not-for-profit sectors can be confident of receiving the same quality of work in pro bono cases, with no difference in quality, commitment and dedication from our normal chargeable work. All our clients, regardless of their circumstances, receive the same care and professionalism from all our staff.

Community service

Our responsibility lies in extending the benefit of our training, education and success to our community. We encourage all our staff to apply their skills and attributes to giving something back to others. In particular, we encourage community participation in areas that will improve access to healthcare, education and training.


Our pro bono manager co-ordinates and manages all of our community and pro bono efforts, and carries responsibility for:

  • Monitoring and approving pro bono activities
  • Monitoring and approving our community service activities
  • Maintaining a record of all pro bono work and community services
  • Maintaining records of individual pro bono activities, covering all the activities of fee earners and non-fee earners who participate in pro bono work and company-led community services
  • Coordinating pro bono activities to ensure a healthy balance between pro bono and chargeable work, covering the commitment of both the company and individual staff members

Fee earners are not restricted to the amount of time they spend annually on pro bono work. This is managed by the Pro Bono Manager.

Where our staff engage in pro bono service, each individual is required to take account of their work commitments. All pro bono work is factored into each individuals performance reviews, which helps to maintain the quality of all work done, whether pro bono or chargeable time.

Charity of the Year

Each financial year, our staff nominate a charity of the year. Throughout the year, we plan fund-raising activities to help to contribute towards our nominated charity.

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