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Jackal Advisory’s Director of Pensions, Simon Kew, speaks to the Financial Times

On the July 15 edition of the Financial Times, Simon was asked for his views on pension funding calculations.

He said “if a scheme’s employer has a strong covenant and support commensurate with that [they could consider] taking into account gilt yield reversion.”. Putting it more basically, Simon added this advice to trustees “if you’re being optimistic, make sure you have some back-up if it goes wrong”.

The full article can be read here.

Simon has also recorded a video for the newspaper’s SchemeXpert website, where he discusses the benefits of a covenant adviser being present during scheme funding negotiations. Ever mindful of keeping costs down for trustees and employers, therefore preserving funds for the pension scheme Simon states, amongst other things, that the right adviser can be very helpful to the process, but they should only be called in when appropriate. The adviser “should not be sitting in the corner with nothing to do” as that can be very costly and unrewarding.

The video is available here

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