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Jackal’s Simon Kew on Radio 4

do my college homeworkYesterday evening, Jackal’s Simon Kew was a guest on BBC Radio 4′s The Report discussing the battles currently going on to save some of the High Street’s best known names.

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Pressures on DB scheme affordability and the options available to trustees and sponsors


What I am about to say, will come as no surprise to the vast majority of you reading this newsletter. Employers, in the main, are currently faced with increased financial pressure. Not the most earth-shattering statement I have ever made, especially with the added burden of Auto Enrolment on the minds of Finance Directors up and down the country. However, because of these financial constraints the pressure naturally increases on trustees, especially in negotiating their triennial recovery plan.

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Life changes affect pensions “opt-out” decision

Jackal’s Simon Kew was recently asked for his thoughts on a prediction by an industry body that up to a third of staff may opt out of auto-enrolment schemes.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Simon suggested that a report report by National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) suggesting high opt-out rates for new auto-enrolment pensions could be caused by changes in employee lifestyles.

“Those returning from maternity leave or career breaks will no doubt have additional drains on their finances, so will pull out”

The full article can be read here (registration required).

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Jackal Advisory’s Director of Pensions, Simon Kew, speaks to the Financial Times

On the July 15 edition of the Financial Times, Simon was asked for his views on pension funding calculations.

He said “if a scheme’s employer has a strong covenant and support commensurate with that [they could consider] taking into account gilt yield reversion.”. Putting it more basically, Simon added this advice to trustees “if you’re being optimistic, make sure you have some back-up if it goes wrong”.

The full article can be read here.

Simon has also recorded a video for the newspaper’s SchemeXpert website, where he discusses the benefits of a covenant adviser being present during scheme funding negotiations. Ever mindful of keeping costs down for trustees and employers, therefore preserving funds for the pension scheme Simon states, amongst other things, that the right adviser can be very helpful to the process, but they should only be called in when appropriate. The adviser “should not be sitting in the corner with nothing to do” as that can be very costly and unrewarding.

The video is available here

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Pensions Week: The National Audit Office’s thoughts on DC regulation

Jackal Advisory’s Simon Kew was recently asked to comment on recent statements by the National Audit Office concerning defined contributions schemes having too many regulators.

In short, the NAO’s recently published review noted that the abundance of regulators for DC schemes made “regulating schemes, setting them objectives and measuring performance wasteful”.

The review highlights the lack of integration between the regulators – namely the FSA and the Pensions Regulator – and the difficulty as a result, in evaluating of the Pensions Regulator’s work in protecting the benefits of work-based pension schemes.

Simon Kew sees an opportunity for a “land grab” from the FSA in the wake of the report, but notes that “huge amounts of money would need to be poured in to enable it to expand”.

The full article can be read on the Pensions Week website.

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The Pensions Sector’s got Talent

As the old adage goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The same could be said for the world of pensions.

At Jackal, we like to let our hair down once in a while and our own Simon Kew will be doing just that in February 2012.

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PRESS RELEASE: Jackal joins forces with leading firms to launch specialist admitted bodies pensions offering

Atkin & Co, Pinsent Masons LLP and Jackal Advisory have joined forces to bring a specialist offering to market for the public sector, focusing specifically on meeting the needs of not for profit bodies and Charities that are admitted bodies to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).  The trio will offer a one-stop liability management service to help these organisations manage their legal, financial, accountancy, actuarial and administration issues.


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Employer Covenant expert Simon Kew in the news

Once again Jackal’s Simon Kew has made it into the news with his take on employer covenants. (more…)

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Jackal Advisory shortlisted for Sponsor Covenant Provider of the Year

The shortlists for the Professional Pensions UK Pensions Awards 2011 have just been announced and Jackal Advisory has been nominated in the Sponsor Covenant Provider of the Year category. (more…)

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Jackal expands their Pensions Team

We are delighted to announce two senior appointments to the Pensions Team at Jackal Advisory. Michael OConnor joined as a Partner on 1st October and Simon Kew as a Senior Manager on 31st August. Their arrival brings another four years of Pensions Regulator experience into the organisation. (more…)

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